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More things we craft.

Everything here at Thornhill UltraHeavy is made in very low numbers or as one off items, I like the beaver away in my little studio in the English lake-district making tough and unique traditional camp gear. Making this way produces items that are truly a pleasure to own and keepin the environmental impact to a minimum. This is a product page giving a rough estimation of what I can make for you, feel free to get in contact if there are any past projects that catch your fancy

Quilt, Bivy and Bag: Products
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My bread and butter is the waxed canvas tarp with riveted leather tie outs. Going out tarp camping can really change the way you interact with the woods, mountain or countryside. Not stuck in a sweaty nylon dome but exposed to the birdsong and the light of the fire, it truly is a different experience. Pitching under canvas is usually a bit more shaded due to increased thickness of the fabric and also quieter as they don't have the plastic rustle of nylon. All this allows the true relaxation of a quick weekend trip to be fully realised and having the durability for extended trips

Eco Cred

Durability is key here; no greenwashing while making in a eastern sweatshop (often adding an Union Jack, Swedish or American flag in the process) and no pretending that the poisonous PFCs are sorted now (they arent!).There's always a cost somewhere in the manufacture so the methodology here is to have a very long lasting and reparable tarp that can be rewaxed without the use of PFCs/PFOAs.

All the offcuts are used in someway: the canvas gets made into little pouches etc and the leather gets composted  

UK made

Everything here is hand cut, rivetted by hand and all in a tiny workshop in a 300 year old barn by one person, nothing is rebadged or made by anyone else to ensure that you get a product you love.

I work slow,

Riveting high quality leather to canvas makes a very strong, durable and attractive tarp, bag or dopp. Maintained the leather should last many, many years and only get better looking as it ages and patinas as should the waxed cotton 

More handcrafted wares

Lets get out there in style shall we?


A jack of all trades blanket, tarp, waterproof shawl and topquilt.

Nomex over kevlar with 2oz wadding with waterproof cotton canvas backing, marine grade poppers and leather tie-outs.  

rices from £199


Traditional Aussie style swag-bag/bivy bag in breathable waxed cotton for camping out under the stars and safe to be near the fire. 

1m chest zip and 4m perimiter zip, leather detailing and can be supplied with a super comfortable thick foam pad.

Only availiable via custom order with prices starting at £240


Wool filled blanket/top-quilt with cotton (or nomex) outer to make sure that everyone is safe near the camp fire with no burnt nylon or polyester.

Supplied with marine grade poppers and leather foot closure strap

Prices from £99


Heavy duty traditional rucksacks

I usually make these in batches of three from heavy duty canvas, leather and wool. very time consuming to make but you get a fantastic bag that'll last

Custom orders or keep an eye out on IG as they tend to go fast. Prices from £150 

rolltopleather _edited.jpg

Dinky bags made from waxed canvas or leather. The best bet with these is to look over on my ebay page and see what I have in

From £10


Sit-pads and dinky ground sheets.

Some of my biggest sellers with constantly changing colours, fabrics and leather availiable in my ebay page

Quilt, Bivy and Bag: Products
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