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The things we craft.

Everything here at Thornhill UltraHeavy is made in very low numbers or as one off items, I like the beaver away in my little studio in the English lake-district making tough and unique traditional camp gear. Making this way produces items that are truly a pleasure to own and keep the environmental impact to a minimum.

This is a product page giving a rough estimation of what I can make, feel free to get in contact if there are any past projects that catch your fancy or an idea you'd like to commission

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 Waxed Canvas

My bread and butter is the waxed canvas tarp with riveted leather tie outs. Going out tarp camping can really change the way you interact with the woods, mountain or countryside. Not stuck in a sweaty nylon dome but exposed to the birdsong and the light of the fire, it truly is a different experience. Pitching under canvas is usually a bit more shaded due to increased thickness of the fabric and also quieter as they don't have the plastic rustle of nylon. All this allows the true relaxation of a quick weekend trip to be fully realised and having the durability for extended trips


Eco Cred

Durability is key here; no green-washing while making in a eastern sweatshop (often adding an Union Jack, Swedish or American flag in the process) and no pretending that the poisonous PFCs are sorted now (they arent!).There's always a cost somewhere in the manufacture so the methodology here is to have a very long lasting and reparable tarp that can be rewaxed without the use of PFCs/PFOAs.

All the offcuts are used in someway: the canvas gets made into little pouches etc and the leather gets composted  



Riveting high quality leather to canvas makes a very strong, durable and attractive tarp. Maintained the leather should last many, many years and only get better looking as it ages and patinas. Unfortunately at the moment no vegan alternatives that are as durable and as eco sound as leather as all the leather I use is a by product of the European meat industry. If one comes available I'll more than happy to use it

Tarps: Products

The humble waxed canvas tarp

Because who wants to relax under plastic ?


3m x 3m (or 10' x 10')

The most versatile tarp there is and can be pitched in a wide variety of ways and is good for a couple of people and a dog, a solo trip or as shelter on a camp site

Most often supplied with 22 rivet on leather tie outs, 16 of these along the edges with leather reinforcement patches and a further 6 along the ridge-line.

Weight is around 2.5kg in 8oz waxed canvas and 3mm leather but can vary depending on fabrics and leather used.

prices are around £200-260 with some made up and ready to go on my ebay page


Solo Tarp

On a solo trip often all that is needed is a wind break, groundcloth or smaller raincover.

At around 5' x 8'6 its perfect to just quickly pitch, get a fire going, pull out a blanket and watch the 'bush TV' as the wildlife switch from day shift to the night workers.

Usually comes with 6 leather reinforced riveted leather tie-outs with the option to add on panel pulls or extra tie outs 

Prices are mostly around £70-100 with costs going up in heavier fabrics (useful for when used as a groundsheet)


8' x 8' (2.5m x 2.5m)

Falling between the solo and the 10x10 is the 8x8, simpler with only 9 tie outs reducing the cost, weight and often time for setup. tie-outs are on each corner, mid point on the edges and one on each side of the ridgeline (ideal for lights and bug-nets 

Weight is around 2kg in 8oz waxed canvas and 3mm leather tie-outs though weight will vary depending on fabric and leather combos. I've usually got some ready to go on my ebay page with prices starting from around £135  



My minimal take on the classic Whelen half tent.

Aimed at a smaller portable shelter in dry to moderate conditions ( a bit small for extended rain in my opinion). Perfect for pitching with a small fire and a blanket or in a bivy bag

Around 7'6 of usable space, 6oz waxed canvas fabric, can be setup with walking poles or ~1m long sticks and weighing around 1.6kg quick setup and takedown 

Prices  are arounf £175

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Hex Tarp

Hex tarps are perfect for over hammocks as they give great views out while still providing excellent protection while also being quick to pitch as sunshades at the campsite. Mostly sized at 11' with 8 leather tie-outs and cat cut edges means that pitching can be done in a couple of minutes. XL versions are available with both extra width or length and two tone fabric options.
Prices from £99


Diamond Tarp

Super quick to pitch and versatile, can be used over a hammock, as wind break or as a lavvu. Cat cut edges to ensure quick and simple pitch that's taught every time



Lavvus: open sided shelters so you can enjoy the views while still staying dry and protected.

I make 4, 6 and 8 panel versions (8 shown here)

Tarps: Products
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