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How do I order

As Thornhill Ultraheavy is only one crafts person producing tiny runs its easiest for me to sell on ebay. If, however, you dont find what you are looking for or want a custom item don't hesitate to email me orcontact on IG

Caring for waxed canvas and leather.

Most importantly: dry everthing out if it gets wet or you may get mould!

looking after the leather is pretty easy and it can mostly be ignored but sometimes it may need a 'feed' with a leather feed to keep it supple.

Waxed canvas should last years without a rewax provded its not layed on a porous surface. If it does need rewaxing just use a product with a similar finish such as Babour thornproof or Greenland wax (email me if unsure)

Where is it made

Everthing comes out of a small 300 year old barn in the English Lake District, from nearly all UK made components 

Nothing is made by third parties and rebadged 

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